General FAQ

Below you will find answers to frequently asked general questions. They mainly relate to organizational details and logistics connected with booking your surgery in our clinic in Warsaw, Poland. If you want to get more detailed information about a specific procedure, please call us: +48 501 093 653. Also, there are detailed FAQ sections on relevant subpages.



1How do I arrange a consultation?
Please call our Reception: +48 501 093 653 or use one of our online consultations available here. Dependent on the surgery you are interested in, you can come to our clinic once for a consultation followed by a surgery. In some cases – we will ask your to come for a traditional one-on-one consultation. Everything depends on the surgery scope and planned type of anaesthesia. Most often for all procedures performed under local anaesthesia only one visit to Poland is needed.
2How much is a consult?
Price list is here.
3I am interested in having a surgery. How should I start?

For the following surgeries: lip lift, eye lifting, lip implant, all types of face lifting, Bichat fat pads removal, hair transplantation, please use one of the available online consultation forms. We refer to term “online consultation” as a start of our discussion about your needs and expectations. Dr. Osuch will review your case based on sent photos. We will provide recommendation together with a price quote.

For your comfort, for all surgeries which are to be performed under local anesthesia, we offer consultation, blood tests and surgery to be organized in one visit to Warsaw, Poland. Further details will be sent by e-mail.


1How long do I have to wait for reply to my e-mail?

We tend to reply within 72 hours, but there may be occasional delays in answering to e-mails and messages sent via social media. This applies to e-mails sent by people who are not our patients yet. Patients after surgery get a direct “emergency phone number” which is answered 24/7.

2I have questions about a surgery. I want to get them answered by email.

We encourage you to contact our reception: +48 501 093 653. It is the easiest and quickest way to get your questions answered. Detailed information about each surgery is given on this webpage, relevant subpage devoted to a particular surgery.

Please note that Dr. Osuch answers all medical questions during consultations in the clinic. We are unable to provide online feedback about cases other than listed in Online Consultation section. Nor can we price secondary surgeries as they depend on a number of factors which go beyond e-mails. All patients interested in secondary (revision) surgeries – please come for a traditional consultation. The same applies to recommending you alternative treatments.

If you are thinking about a particular procedure, as a first step please check a relevant subpage and FAQ section. We also invite you to use free of charge educational content in our social media – Instagram, Facebook or our blog where new information appear on a regular basis.


1I want to know exact price of my surgery.

General price list is here. You will get a quote based on photos you send through online consultation form.

2What is included in the surgery price?

Our prices always include all costs: surgery, anaesthesia, stay in the clinic if needed, follow up visits for stitches removal, post-face lift mask, etc.

3How can I pay for the procedure?

Cash on the procedure day – PLN, USD, EUR, GBP.

4What is your bank account number?

All details are here.

5I want a surgery that’s not included on your webpage/ price list.

All surgeries we do are listed on our webpage. If you cannot find it, it means that we don’t do it.


1I need to see your before-after pictures before I decide for a surgery.

Please have a look at the following sources:

If you feel this is not sufficient, please come for a consultation. We will present you printed before-after photos. This option is available in the clinic only.

2How long do I need to wait for a procedure?

It depends on the surgery type you are looking for. Slots for surgery under local anaesthesia such as lip lift, upper eye lifting or hair transplant/ hair lowering procedures, are usually available for the next month, but availability may vary from season to season. Full info regarding availability of surgery dates will be sent by e-mail after Dr. Osuch reviews your case.

3I want a revision surgery.

It is our policy to ask all the patients wanting a revision (secondary) surgery to come for an appointment with Dr. Osuch. We do not offer online consultations for such cases.


1What tests do I need before a plastic surgery?

Full information is provided on a relevant subpage devoted to procedure you are interested in.

2I want blood tests done in your clinic.

To get them done, please come to us one day before your surgery, 10 am at the latest. Our nurse will do all the laboratory tests needed for surgery under local anaesthesia. The results will be available in the morning the following day. This option is available for patients planning surgery under local anaesthesia.

Patients who want a surgery done under general anaesthesia/ sedation: as the list of required blood tests is more extensive and the standard waiting time for the results is up to 7-10 days, you need to have blood tests done in your home country and send the results to us 2 weeks prior to your surgery.

3Are blood tests included in the surgery price?

No. This is charged on top. For details, please see our price list.

4Can the surgery be performed without blood/ medical tests?

No. The tests are mandatory for being qualified for any plastic surgery. This condition is not negotiable. No blood tests = no surgery performed.

5How should I prepare for my surgery?

All pre-surgery instructions are available here.

IMPORTANT: on the surgery day you must not drink coffee/ caffeinated food/ beverage.


1Where is Dr. Osuch Clinic located?

We are in Warsaw, 15 min taxi ride from International Chopin Airport. We do recommend that you choose this airport rather than Modlin, which is outside the city and you should plan 2-3 hours on top to get to/ from there to our clinic.

2What taxi should I take from the airport?
Taxi recommended by the Chopin Airport. You can also use Uber or Bolt.
3What hotel can you recommend?

Close to the clinic, 5 min taxi ride: De Silva Piaseczno Hotel. They give discounted rates for Dr. Osuch patients. Please book by e-mail:

By the Chopin Airport - Courtyard by Marriot or Double Tree by Hilton.

4Can I spend night before/ after my surgery in the clinic?

We are unable to provide accommodation in the clinic beyond what is needed from the medical point of view. Please book one of the Warsaw hotels. Information is above.

5Can someone accompany me during surgery?
Accompanying people can stay with the Patient until 8pm. Afterwards all patients are under our medical care.
6How long will I stay in the clinic after the procedure?

Depends on type of the surgery. With surgeries such as lip lift, blepharoplasty, hair transplantation, our patients leave the clinic approximately 2 hours post-op and fly back home the same day. Having said that, please book your return flight ticket as late as possible. Sometimes you may need to stay in the clinic longer than expected for medical reasons.


1Is it possible to perform the surgery during menstruation?

Surgeries under local anesthesia such as lip lift, lip implant, blepharoplasty, hair lowering procedure – YES.

Surgeries under sedation or general anesthesia – NO.

2What if I get a cold on the surgery day?

Your procedure will not be performed. The same applies to herpes, active infections (including teeth issues). Please note that all medication in the pre-operative period must be handled with care as they may contain ingredients which impact blood coagulation and pose a risk to the safety of your surgery. Two weeks before the surgery, please do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprom, aspirin, polopyrine (acetylsalicylic acid). Paracetamol is allowed. In case of doubt, please contact us: +48 501 093 653.

3Should I stop taking birth control pills before my surgery?


4What should I take with me for my surgery?

For surgeries under local anesthesia:

  • Your ID documents
  • Sunglasses if you are going to have eye lifting (blepharoplasty)
  • Scarf if you are going to have lip lift. Sunglasses and/or scarf will make your journey back home more comfortable and will help to cover dressings under the nose/ on eyes.
  • Couch potato clothes, please avoid pull-overs.

For surgeries under general anaesthesia – all details will be provided by our Receptionist.

5Can I wear makeup on the procedure day?

No. Please remove it. This also applies to false eyelashes.

6Can I have coffee in the morning?

No, coffee and caffeinated food and beverage will make your surgery impossible to be performed.

7Can I have breakfast in the morning on my surgery day?

For surgeries under local anaesthesia – YES. For procedures under sedation/ general anaesthesia – NO.


1Will I have contact with the surgeon after my surgery?

Yes, you will be given a direct emergency phone number which is answered 24/7. Please use it for unexpected deterioration of health after the surgery.

2Do I need to take any medicine post-op?

Yes, an antibiotic and painkillers will be prescribed. Specific recommendations will be given by Dr. Osuch.

3Can I drive my own car back home after the procedure?

After all procedures, including those under local anaesthesia, it is not recommended to self drive.

4When can I sunbathe after my surgery?

With covered scars and sunscreen on – around 2 months post-op. Sunbathing without covering the scars – one year post-op.

5When can I go to sauna?

Not sooner than 2 months post-op.

6When can I go back to fitness after my surgery?

General rule: 2 months after the surgery under general anesthesia, and one month after the surgery under local anesthesia.

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