Thank you for considering your cosmetic facial surgery with
Dr. Piotr Osuch in Warsaw, Poland.

We are honored that many of our patients travel to us from different countries all over the globe. Most of them come from Europe, mainly from the UK, Scandinavia and Germany, but also from Asia and the US.

We use term “free of charge online consultation” in informal sense as before any surgery a traditional face-to-face medical consultation must take place. Only during such a consultation can proper evaluation be made and medical advice be given.

Thus, the purpose of our online consultation is to start a discussion about your procedure and give you recommendation together with a quote. For this, please send us as much information as possible along with good quality photos made on a non-descript background. We will provide Dr. Osuch feedback by a return e-mail within 3-4 days.

If for some reason you want to get a faster response, please call us:
+48 501 093 653