To get our recommendation and quote for this treatment, please fill in the below tables and upload relevant photos – face front and both profiles. All pictures must be clear enough and taken on a non-descript background. Pictures with whole face, not only lips, please.

Disclaimer: our e-mail recommendation is not a formal consultation. Before every treatment, an in-depth analysis by Dr. Osuch will be made in our clinic in Warsaw, Poland.

Fill in tables below:

    1. Your personal data

    2. Attach good quality photos of a full face. Limited pictures showing lips only will not be considered. Attach a photo up to 5MB.

    I. Face on, mouth relaxed

    II. Face on, smile

    III. Right profile

    IV. Left profile

    3. Do you use injectable fillers? YesNo

    What fillers and since when?

    4. When was the last filler injection?

    5. 5. Are you going to have lip implant done for the 1st time in your life? YesNo

    If no, add more details:

    6. Do you wear orthodontic braces or are in process of dental treatment such as veneers? YesNo

    If yes, when will it be finished?

    7. Are you going to have braces/ veneers in the year to come? YesNo

    If yes, please add more information:

    8. Additional information.
    Make sure you included description of your expectations. The more info you provide, the more tailor-made our feedback can be:

    9. Do you take any psychotropic drugs now? YesNo

    What type?

    10. Have you had any cosmetic treatments connected with skin damage (tattoo, piercing, CO2 laser therapy) in the last 6 months? YesNo

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    *Note: the heavier photos you attach, the longer it will take to send your message.