Konrad Januszek, M.D., PhD

Plastic surgeon

Dr. Januszek is a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience and an excellent track record of a few thousand successful plastic surgeries in the area of breast and body modeling. Before joining our clinic he worked for Polish reputable private and public hospitals such as Dr Szczyt Plastic Surgery, Miracki Clinic, Elite – Laser and Body Modeling Center and Central Clinical Hospital of MSWiA in Warsaw. Dr Januszek is particularly recommended for procedures such as breast augmentation (implants, own fat transfer based on Lipo Life 3G, breast reduction, mastopexy), laser liposuction (Slim Lipo, Lipo Life), abdominoplasty.

Konrad Januszek is not only the experienced plastic surgeon but also an artistic soul. In his spare time he plays the guitar in a rock band.